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Can you name the Degrassi characters given the clue?

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Aspiring actress
Murdered by a student from Lakehurst
Self-harmed herself because of issues with her mom
Had testicular cancer
Paralyzed and in a wheelchair
Went through Dialysis
Was an alcoholic
Crashed his hearse
The father of Jenna's baby
Goes to Banting after Degrassi
Environmentalist when young, becomes anorexic
First homosexual character
Muslim, had an arranged wife
Had a gambling problem
Joins the army after recovering from a Cocaine addiction
Cheated on Ashley and got another girl pregnant
Involved with gang members, but wants nothing to do with them
Raped at a party, and stalked by a guy online
Caught with a vibrator in class
Has Asperger Syndrome
Join's the football team despite being female
Has a daughter and becomes a model
Gave baby up for adoption, after the father tried to commit suicide
His mom catches him kissing a boy in his bedroom
Mrs. Hatzilakos' son
Becomes student council president despite rumors of her bulimia
Lies to his girlfriend about having a driver's license, and gets caught by the police
Teacher that has an inappropriate relationship with a student
The 'unseen' character, mentioned numerous times, but never seen

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