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Forced Order
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Wherever you go I will follow, and it doesn't matter how far...
Into my life, you come and you go. Aint happy about it, so I gotta know...
Papa told me you live you learn. You play with fire, you might get burned.
All set you bet ready to go. Anything can happen nobody knows.
Throw your penny in a whishing well. Might get heaven and you might get hell.
Keep your eyes on the prize and forget the cost. Cos you can't get far when your slackin off.
I'm not the girl I used to be, open my eyes and i begin to see.
I'm out. Closing a chapter. Caught in a world full of rapture
Fire up the engine, switch another gear. While the road is bending we don't even steer.
Hey there, we wanna find a future millionaire. We're ready for the right idea.
You may talk you may walk but don't start any trouble kid. You don't mess with the best so don't question the way you live.
Have you read the news today? So much hate going round aint no love to be found.
I pulled a rabbit out the hat. I never knew that I could do that. From where I've been to where I'm at, you couldn't pin it on a road map.
You're playing your pieces, you're setting me up, trying to knock me down.
Summer love isn't meant to be, and its only a fantasy. That's what everyone's telling me.
Let the sun refuse to shine. It won't be long before the day's are brigher.
You say you can't believe the pain, that you'll never cross the line again...
You should have known, you should have seen it. You've been moving too slow, trying to stay in control.
Tell me who are you, to shame and mistreat her. No she's not a man, but you are not one either.
So long we lived beneath the veil. So afraid of making a wrong turn.

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