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Can you complete the 5-letter word ladder and decipher the Harry Potter inspired theme?

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*** With the last rung, a type of magical creature ***
A commonly ridden mammal with hooves
A large group or swarm
Singer of the 2013 hit 'Royals'
One of the two Houses of the British Parliament
Single units of language
Administrative divisions, often in hospitals
Hand-held rods used to cast spells
Meanders or strolls in a particular direction
_____ Darling, female protagonist of Peter Pan
A weather condition characterized by the swift movement of air
*** A female servant in the Crouch household ***
Closes and opens one eye quickly
Emits a small (often metallic) sound
Armored military vehicles
Actor Tom _____, star of films like Big and Forrest Gump
Listens or hears
Large musical instruments played by plucking strings
Mythological creature with head of a woman and body of a bird
_____ Potter, Kreacher's master
Oldest brother of Sodapop and Ponyboy Curtis
Second-largest city in Northern Ireland
A race, especially a horse race
Disney star _____ Ryan, star of Jessie
*** A male servant in the Malfoy household; fond of socks ***
A leisure activity
_____ Baker Award, an honor for college hockey players
*** A female servant in the household of Hepzibah Smith ***
Pleasant and comfortable
First name of Bart, Lisa, and Maggie Simpson's father
To hang or be suspended in air
To babble foolishly
People associated with money, power, and property
Roof edges or overhangs
*** With the first rung, a type of magical creature ***

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