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Can you name the facts about Pam Beesly?

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Forced Order
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What restaurant is Pam banned from?
Name one of Pam's top 5 movies.
What club does Pam start with Toby and Oscar?
When working part-time in New York, what was Pam's Halloween costume?
What position does Dwight give Pam when he thinks he is becoming Regional Manager?
What is Pam's sister's name?
To whom was Pam originally engaged?
What flavor of yogurt does Pam regularly have?
'No, no. The ice melts, and then it's like ______ ______.'
What is Pam's middle name?
What is Pam's mother's name?
What does Pam try to download that gives her office computer a virus?
What sport did Pam play throughout school?
What art school in New York does Pam attend for three months?
What do Pam and Jim name their daughter?
'You can buy new stuff, but you can't buy a new ________.'

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