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Can you name the facts about Jim Halpert??

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If working at Dunder Mifflin were his career, Jim would do this.
'Question: what kind of ________ is best?'
What is Jim's middle name?
What branch did Jim transfer to before it was merged with the Scranton branch?
Who was his girlfriend from that branch?
What is his favorite food?
What does Jim say was 'kind of his thing' in high school?
According to Ryan, Jim has this for lunch every day.
David Wallace doesn't know if he can hire Jim at the corporate office because he is a __________ fan.
What substance does he put office supplies into as a prank?
What does Jim make Dwight purchase all of his office supplies out of?
'I want to clamp Michael's face in a ___________.'
He names his 'funtivities' team ________ on Beach Day.
How much does he pay for his Dwight Shrute ensemble?
What is Andy's nickname for Jim?
What are Jim's brothers names?
Name one of Jim's Halloween costumes.

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