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(H) One of Harry's best friends 
(A) First name of Harry's son and mentor 
(R) Room where Harry hid his potions book 
(R) Harry's favorite Defense Against the Dark Arts professor 
(Y) Where Harry took Parvati as a date 
(J) Harry Potter's Birthday 
(A) Captain of Harry's quidditch team (5th year) 
(M) Secret document made by Harry's father and friends 
(E) Harry received this grade on five of his O.W.L.s 
(S) Harry asked not to be put in this house 
(P) Harry saved this man's life, creating a life debt 
(O) Harry wanted to be a member of this group, like his parents 
(T) This woman made the fateful prophesy about Voldemort (last name) 
(T) Harry was one of the few people in his class who could see these creatures 
(E) This Hufflepuff accused Harry of being the Heir of Slytherin 
(R) Harry used this to comfort himself while walking to his death 

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