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Can you name the How Well Do You Know How I Met Your Mother?

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Who is the hopeless romantic?
What is Barney always wearing?
What is Lily's nickname for Marshall?
What is Marshall's nickname for Lily?
What is the group's favorite bar/pub?
What is Ted's former fiancee named?
What was Robin's Canadian popstar alias?
What bank did Barney, Marshall, and Ted all work for?
What is Lily's job?
Where is Marshall from?
What was the activity the group had on Thanksgiving?
How many dogs does Robin have?
What did Ted steel for Robin in the first episode?
How many kids does Ted have?
What is Barney's brother name?
Where did Lily go when she left Marshall?
What is Ted's job?
Where do they all live?
What is Ted's stepdad named?

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