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Concepts and definitionsTerms
differences in the demographic, cultural, and personal characteristics of employees
how to attract qualified employees
how do you develop qualified employees
more narrowly focused on sex and race
how do you keep qualified employees
part of human resource process that mixes most with diversity
observable demographic or physiological differences in people
differences in the psychological characteristics of employees, including personalities, beliefs, values and attitudes
equal pay act 1963, title VII of civil rights act 1964, age discrimination in employment act 1967, pregnancy discrimination act 1978, americans with disabilities act 1990, civil ri
first black coach in NFL, 1989
says you must interview at least 1 minority candidate for head coach in NFL
traditionalists born before 1945, baby boomers born between 1943-1965, gen Xers born between 1966-1979, millennials born after 1980
'the act of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it'
motivation and effort include what and are part of performance
True or False. Hard work always means good performance.
formula for job performance
effort, degree to which someone works hard to do well
consists of both the natural aptitudes and learned capabilities required to successfully complete a task
external factors beyond the control of employees
what motivates people?
Physiological needs, safety and security, love and belonging, self-esteem, and self-actualization (ordered from bottom to top) are all part of what?
Aldefer's ERG theory consists of
McClelland's learned needs theory
ask people what their needs are, satisfy lower-order needs first, expect people's needs to change, and create opportunities to satisfy higher-order needs are used when motivating b
what are the two types or rewards
Concepts and definitionsTerms
tangible, visible to others, given contingent on behavior
positive emotional experience or natural reward resulting from performing a task for its own sake
Examples include good benefits, health insurance, job security, vacation time
examples include interesting work, learning new skills, independent work situations
#1 thing people want from their job
managers over estimate _________ rewards and underestimate ____________rewards
what are the components of Equity theory
comparison to other
rewards employees receive from the organization
employee contributions to the organizatino
you can change input, change outcome, rationalize inequity, change the referent or leave the situation if you want to correct what?
two types of justice
theory that states behavior is a function of its consequences, that behaviors followed by positive consequences will occur more frequently, and that behaviors followed by negative
types of reinforcement
desirable consequence strengthens behavior
withholding unpleasant consequence strengthens behavior
identify, measure, analyze, intervene, evaluate
process of motivating employees and clarifying their role perceptions by establishing performance objectives
goal setting _____________ role perceptions and consequently clarifies the direction of employee efforf
a desirable future state that an organization or person attempts to realize
detailed, exact. unambiguous
hard or challenging to accomplish
consciously understand and agree to goals
information on goal progress
there is NO UNIVERSAL way to what?

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