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person uses demands, threats, or intimidation to convince you to comply with a request or to support a proposalpressure
person makes an explicit or implicit promise that you will receive rewards or tangible benefits if you comply with a request or support a proposal or reminds you of a prior favor texchange
person seeks to get you in a good mood or to think favorable of him or her before asking you to do somethigningratiation
person seeks to persuade you that the request is approved by higher management or appeals to higher management for assistance in gaining your compliance with the requestupward appeals
person seeks the aid of others to persuade you to do something or uses the support of others as an argument for you to agree alsocoalition
person makes an emotional request or proposal that arouses enthusiasm by appealing to your values and ideals or by increasing your confidence that you can do itinspirational appeals
person uses logical arguments and factual evidence to persuade you that a proposal or request is viable and likely to result in the attainment of task objectivesrational persuassion
person seeks your participation in making a decision or planning how to implement a proposed policy, strategy, or changeconsultation

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