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works for those who work at it
process of transmitting information from one person or place to another
single most important reason why people don't advance in their careers
most important skill for college grads entering workforce
planning, organizing, leading, controlling
physical (radio), symantic (big words), psychological (preconceived notions)
process by which individuals attend to, organize, interpret, and retain information from their environments
blaming the internal working of someone else
when it goes well, it is all me
grapevine and rumors
efficient form of communicating, usually accurate
usually stories made up by people angry or unknowing
oral/verbal and written
communication that does not involve words, 93% of any message, movements of body and face, mode of dress, waiting time, seating position
keep meeting rare, show technology who is boss, give self time-out, say no, delete
lack of interest, distractions, attitude toward person, defensiveness, evaluation and judgment
effective ___________ has been linked to employee motivation and satisfaction
________ implemented feedback program can hurt performance
focus on problem, match words and body language, acknowledge other's ideas, keep conversation going
different words mean different things, different cultural norms for certain words, same word different meaning
____________ is irreversible and has responsibility to it
face speaker, maintain eye contact, nod, smile, wait for person to complete thought, ask for clarity, paraphrase
recognition, responsibility, remorse, restitution, repetition
men and women view things differently and approach situations differently because of
getting worse, can be caused by environment and things outside our control, can effect physical and emotional health
pattern of emotional, mental, physiological, and behavioral reactions occurring in response to demands from within or outside organizations
occupational characteristics, role ambiguity, responsibility of others, interpersonal demands, overload and personal demands
stress from uncertainty about scope of responsibilities, what is expected, how to divide time, how to perform tasks
caused by opposing expectations related to two separate roles assumed by the same individual
self imposed source of stress
form of addiction, imbalanced preoccupation with work, inability to enjoy vacations
the adverse psychological, physical, behavioral, and organizational consequences that may arise as a result of stressful events
performance decrements, participation problems, compensation awards
Big impact on others - family, coworkers, company
anxiety, lower self-esteem, depression, burnout
poor concentration, low quality decision making, mental blocks, decreased attention span
workplace aggression, accident proneness, substance abuse, social withdrawal, overeating or undereating
increased heart rate and BP, immune system changes, fatigue, headaches, backaches, sleep troubles
T or F. All forms of stress are bad
focus not on eliminating stress but ______________ stress
self-esteem, sharing information, diversion, needed resources
time-off/sabbaticals, caring for family, flex options, helping employees bring more of life to work
set boundaries and respect private time, uni-task, ask for support, learn to say no, take advantage of options

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