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what are age, gender, tenure, and marital status
the way in which factors such as skills, abilities, personalities, perceptions, attitudes, values, and ethics differ from one individual to one another
unique and relatively stable pattern of behavior, thoughts, and emotions shown by individuals
heredity, environment (family influences, cultural influences, educational influences0
locus of control, self-efficacy, self-esteem, self-monitoring
two types of locus of control
I did poorly on the exam. I should study harder
I did poorly on the exam, the teacher is not good
overall view of himself/herself as being able to perform effectively in a wide variety of situations
beliefs and expectations about one's ability to accomplish a specific task effectively
ability to monitor your behavior, size up a situation, and modify behavior accordingly
flexible, adjust behavior according to situation and the behavior of others, can appear unpredictable and inconsistent
act from internal states rather than from situational cues, show consistency, less likely to respond to work group norms or supervisory feedback
an individual's general feeling of self-worth
person is gregarious, assertive, and sociable
person is reserved, timid, and quiet. re-energizes from being alone
how one gathers information
person is cooperative, warm, and agreeable.
how one makes decisions
how one orients the outer world
person is calm, self-confident, and cool
person is insecure, anxious, and depressed
person is creative, curious, and cultured
understand different viewpoints of others in organization, team building, show benefits of diversity and differences, conflict management, understanding management styles, career c
physiological indicators - feeling - heart
observed behavior - behave - feet
attitude scale - think - head
a psychological tendency expressed by evaluating something with a degree of favor or disfavor
a state of tension produced when an individual experiences conflict between attitudes and behavior
behavior that is above and beyond the call of duty
direct experience and social learning form ____________
pleasurable or positive emotional state resulting from the appraisal of one's job or job experiences, may hold different attitudes towards different aspects of job
job satisfaction does/does not equal productivity
True or False: A productive worker is a happy worker, but a happy worker is not necessarily a productive worker
employees unlikely to withdraw, willing to make sacrifices
enrich jobs, align interests of organization with employee, recruit and select employees whose values match organization
expertise, trustworthiness and attractiveness are source characteristics used during what?

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