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Trebbia, Trasimene and Cannae are among the military victories of which commander of antiquity? Born in 247 BC, his name means 'the grace of the god Baal'.
Whirligig, bombardier and minotaur are all types of insects belonging to which order, the largest order in number of species in the animal and plant kingdoms?
Having its origins in Moscow in the early twentieth century, 'habimah', meaning 'the stage', became, in the 1950s, the national theatre of which country?
'Parerga and Paralipomena' and 'The World as Will and Idea' are works by which German philosopher, born in Danzig in 1788?
The 2005 Ang Lee film 'Brokeback Mountain' is based on a short story by which American writer, who won a Pulitzer Prize for her second novel, 'The Shipping News'?
Which planet is principally made of iron, but shares its name with that of a different metal?
The concept of 'élan vital' or 'vital principle' is associated with which philosopher, born in Paris in 1859?
Which English king is often known as the last of the Angevin kings because he lost Anjou in 1204?
The Bordeaux wine entre-deux-mers is so called because it is grown between which two rivers?
If a particle of mass 15 kilograms undergoes a constant force of 165 Newtons, what is its acceleration?
What is the relative molecular mass of calcium carbonate, that is, CaCO3?
The word 'lusophone' describes a speaker of the language of which country, now covering roughly the same area as the Roman province of Lusitania?
Established with a base value of 500 in January 1980, the 'All Ordinaries Index', or 'All Ords', is the major stock price index in which Commonwealth country?
On the MHO scale of hardness of minerals, which value is given to quartz?
What name is given to the outermost layer of a planet's atmosphere?
What architectural term for a diagonal rib of a vault or a pointed arch or window is also used in statistics for a graph representing cumulative frequency?
Which city between Milan and Bologna gives its name both to a delicate dry-cured ham and to a hard, dry cheese?
During the Second World War, three capitals of belligerent European states were never occupied by force: name any two of them.
Give the single word that completes this proverb, said to occur in various languages: 'Experience is a comb that nature gives to men when they are..' what?
The medical condition known as Hyponatremia denotes abnormally low levels of what substance in the body?
In Britain and its colonies, September 1752 was the shortest month of the millennium for what reason?
In chemistry, what is the maximum number of hydrogen atoms which can combine with an atom of carbon?
Powdered calcium sulphate hemi-hydrate, obtained by heating gypsum, is commonly known by what three-word name, both in medicine and in building?
What term, particularly used for the streamlined outer casing of an aircraft engine, is derived from the French for 'little ship'?
Used in the making of films such as the Lord of the Rings trilogy, for what do the letters CGI stand?
Based on research at Oxford University, a study done in 2009 suggested that the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder might be aided by the playing of which computer game?
Expressed as the negative logarithm of the hydrogen-ion concentration in a solution, how is the 'pondus hydrogenii' or the power or potential of hydrogen more commonly known?
What is the radius of a sphere whose volume-to-surface area ratio is one unit?
From a late Latin word meaning 'womb', what term denotes a rectangular array of elements, or the rock material in which fossils are embedded?
'Someone who leaves no turn unstoned' was George Bernard Shaw's description of member's of what profession?

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