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Can you name the Greek things, whose names all begin with either A, B or C?

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Friend of Heracles. Given the mares of Diomedes, eaten by the horses and so Heracles named a town in Thrace in his honour
Greek monster, famed in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Son of Agenor, when Zeus carried off his sister Europa, he went to look for her but was told by the Oracle of Delphi to stop and to follow a magical cow
Born in Thessaly, give name to an injury, dipped in the Styx, killed by Paris
Greek hero who tamed Pegasus and killed the chimera
Twin brother of Zetes, the winged sons of the god of the north wind. Also a famous French town
Changed into a stag by Artemis because he spied her bathing
Ancient Greek lyric poet, nephew of Simonides
One of Jupiter's moons, turned into a bear by Zeus
Drowned himself because Theseus forgot to change the sails
One of the sons of a priestess of Hera in Argos who drew their mother's chariot several miles to the goddess's temple when no oxen could be found
Nymph of the island Ogygia who tended Odysseus there for 8 years until he returned
Greek god of the winds
Greek god of the north wind
Given the gift of prophecy but was cursed that no-one would believe her
Murdered by his wife Clytemnestra. King of Argos
One of three (last answer). A brother of (4th last answer)
Wife of Cepheus and mother of Andromeda
Greek hero, giant. Killed himself in fury at not receiving Achille's armour
Daughter of Poseidon, who resided in Ethiopia
One of the twins of the constellation Gemini, expert horseman
Mothered Heracles by Zeus in the form of her husband
Patron goddess of sailors, who sent prophetic dreams
Three-headed dog
Rescued by Perseus from a sea-monster and subsequently married him
A mortal woman transformed into an immortal nymph by Apollo
Ferryman of the underworld
Greek goddess of love and beauty
One of the two immortal horses that Poseidon gave to Peleus
Monster which resembled a whirlpool, often paired with Scylla
Greek god of prophecy, music, youth, archery and healing. Twin brother of another Greek goddess.
A seer and son of Apollo
Turned Odysseus's men into swine
Greek watchman with 100 eyes. His eyes were placed on the peacock by Hera
Son of Ares who allegedly built Bistonia on Lake Bistonis
Deserted Troilus for Diomedes
Helped Theseus escape the Labyrinth
The personification of power and force
Greek god of agriculture and father of Zeus
Greek goddess of fertility and the hunt
There is a sanctuary of Artemis here, near Attica
One-eyed giants, a famous example is Polyphemus

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