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The overall part where you can change your language, name or password; amongst others
The first thing people see when they go to your account. Seen beside everything you do. One of the most important choices to make; which one do I choose for it?
Part of a sports team or class? You can all join up in one of these
Agree with a status? Find it funny? Do this!
A new feature, ask the people of Facebook anything using this
Can come up as +1. You can confirm or ignore
Farmville? Cityville? Cartown? Love 'em or hate 'em, they're there
Is the person not online? Then use this to talk privately
You can also use this to talk privately to people, you can also choose to 'appear offline'
Use this to organise different gatherings of various descriptions
Justin Bieber is a popular one for singers, or Manchester United for football clubs
Your own personal gathering of everything, your statuses or things people have written to you
'He's your friend?' 'Oh, he's mine too.'
Taken a picture with lots of people? Use this to let them know!
'Hi, I'm Bob, I'm 19, I like football.' Could be written in this section
Barack Obama or famous sports stars are quite common in this part of the 'Info' section
Male/ Female
You can add people to this section who are of no relation whatsoever
Where you've been taught, or also where you are currently employed

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