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Behaviour we are most likely to perform in a given situation
Performance on a task is positively affected by the presence of an audience
Worried that your performance will be judged by others
Improvements/impairments on your performance due to the presence of an audience
An optical illusion where you stare at a fixed point of light and it appears to move
Following a groups position as a result of social pressure
Conforming to a group to 'fit in' or avoid rejection
Conforming to a group because you believe they know better than you
Converting to a particular point of view. Conforming to a group because you truly believe in their ideals and behaviours
Conforming to a group even if you disagree with their ideals/behaviours
Following the commands of an authority figure
Believing yourself to be acting on behalf of someone else, making them responsible for your actions
Gradually increasing from smaller demands to larger ones, similar to foot in the door technique
Performance on a task is impaired due to the presence of an audience
An environment where obedience to authority is expected
Withholding the true aim of the experiment from the participant
A session after the experiment where participants are reminded of the right to withdraw; checked to make sure they're healthy; and the true aim is fully explained.
Permission off the participant to take part in the experient after the aim has been fully explained
A loss of personal identity
Treating someone in a way that makes them appear less than human
A pyramid of power with the highest authority at the top and those with less power at the bottom
Someone who has more power than those below them and gives out orders
Someone who is looked up to by others
The extent to which those in charge are a legitimate source of authority
The extent to which an individual has legitimate power to give orders
The extent to which an order is seen as something that the Authority is allowed to issue out
A person who submits easily to those above them and gives orders to those below them
A stooge in an experiment made to look like a real participant
The idea that if someone complies to a small task, they're more likely to comply to a larger task later on
Working separately but alongside someone on the same task
The idea that a persons performance may be worse if they're in a team as not everyone 'pulls their weight'
Conforming to a given role in society
The idea that a persons individual characteristics determine their behaviour
The idea that social pressures in the environment are the influence of behaviour
Conflict between two contradictory but simultaneous beliefs
The idea that the presence of an audience distracts us from the task at hand
The idea that the presence of an audience triggers out fight or flight response, improving or impairing our performance depending on how familiar we are with the task

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