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what was the main war going on?
what movment increased heavily?
what was the popular family band?
what 3 rock stars died at the age of 27
what sci-fi movie was a big deal?
what was the scariest movie of the 70s?
what was one show families normally watched?
three popular video games
where were the 1972 summer olympics held?
what popular novalist wrote about scary thing?
what was a popular fashion for men?
what hair style did african americans normally wear?
what was normally used for lighting during the 70s?
what model was popular during the 70s?
what was the worlds largest building during 72-73?
what became the worlds largest building in 73?
what was a nickname for the 70s?
What famous singer died in 1977?
What boxer won the heavyweight world title in 1978?
What pet was popular in the 1970's?
Whowas a pop-rock icon in the 1970's
What a popular dance in the 1970's?
What president was accused of the Watergate cover-up?
What style of art was widely used in the 1970's?
What space explorer exploded in the 1970's?
What happened in New York City in 1977?
What sport association was founded in 1972?
Who wrote the song,'Changes'?
Who wrote the song, 'Immigrant Song?'
Who wrote the song, 'Another Brick on the Wall'?

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