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Organs in the nervous system
Two principle divisions
Transmit impulses to neurons
Transmit pulses away
Transmit impulses from all parts of the body
Transmit impulses away from the brain
Condunct impulses from sensory neurons to motor nuerons
White fatty substance formed by Schwann
Indentations bewtween adjacent Schwann Cells
Outter cell membrane of schwann
Comes from Greek word meaning glue
Large cells that look like stars
Small cells thats similar to phagocyte
Help hold nerve fibers together produce myelin sheath
disease from result of myelin loss and destruction
group of nerve fibers (axons) bundled together like strands of cable
surrounds fascicle tough fibrous sheath
groups of wrapped axons
routes traveled by nerve impulses
Where impulse conduction usually starts
group of nerve cell bodies
space seperating one neuron from another neurons dendrites
Are always muscles or glands

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