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Signs and symptoms appear suddenly
Diseases that develope slowly and last a long time
collection of signs and symptoms
Study of the occurence distribution and transmission of diseases
Native to a local region
Transmission spreads fast within a defined geographic region
Spreadworld wide
Undetermined cause
theory of disease cause
Pattern of disease developement
Attempt to understand the mechanism of disease
convert normal proteins into ABnormal proteins
A tiny primitive cell without a nucleus
Three ways to classify bacteria
Similar to plants with no chlorphyll
Can infect human fluids and cause disease
pathogenic animals
Also called round worms
Also knowns at flat worms and flukes
Group of parasites includes mites ticks lice
organism spreads disease to another organism
litterally means new matter
classified as benign or malignant
Metastasizes to other tissues
Tumor as in a wart
glandular tumor
Involves bone tissue
cartilage tissue
Cancers that arise from epithelial
involves melanocytes pigment producin cells
loss of appetite severe weightloss general weakness
'chemical therapy'

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