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How They DiedCharacterExtra Information
Devoured in tent by walkers.
Bitten by a walker on the wrist then the shoulder/neck
Bitten on the left side of stomach by walker and left beside a tree on the way to the CDC.
Test subject that turned and was put down by husband.
Scienist that commits suicide at the CDC.
Commits suicide along with Dr Edwin Jenner.
Bitten by walker and turns(unseen) and put down by Rick.
Shot in the knee by Shane and presumably devoured by walkers.
Disembowelled by a walker that Carl didn't shoot and shot by Daryl before reanimation.
Two people. Both shot by Rick in a bar.
Neck snapped by Shane.
Stabbed by Rick.
Devoured by walkers in Dale's RV.
Devoured by walkers when trying to escape with Beth, Lori and Carol.
Scratched by a walker then head bashed in.
Sliced with a machete.
Sacrificed themself to walkers to save a friend after already being bitten on the shoulder.
Shot by a prisoner.
Does during childbirth and shot by son before reanimation.
Shot in the chest by a Woodbury guard.
Bitten outside the prison. Died once inside.
Sniped by The Governor.
Shot in the stomach by The Governor then put down by his brother.
Stabbed by The Governor and left to turn.
Bitten on the neck then shot themself before dying because of bite.
Bitten on a supply run then crushed by helicopter.
First person to die of the prison virus. Put down by Daryl.
Died of the prison virus. Put down by Hershel.
Two people. Stabbed to death and burnt.
Died after being bitten in a fatal area by one of the prison walkers.
Fed to walkers in a pit.
Killed by The Governor and dumped into a lake.
Head decapitated by The Governor.
Stabbed in the stomach with Katana then shot in the head.
Bitten in the mud and shot in the head.
Died of lung cancer and head smashed in with oxygen tank.
Unknown death. Walker stabbed through the back of the head with katana.
Devoured by walkers(unseen).
Strangled by Rick in a bathroom.
Stabbed by her sister.
Shot in the head after killing her sister.
Throat bitten out by Rick.
Shot then devoured by walkers(unseen).
Bitten on the shoulder and stabbed in the head before reanimation.
How They DiedCharacterExtra Information
Knocked out and throat slit.
Leg cut off and devoured by two walkers.
Killed with a machete with a red handle in the Church.
Killed by Sasha in the church.
Shot in the head in the hospital.
Shot in the head shortly after Beth's death.
Smashed over the head with a lollypop jar and then eaten by walker.
Bitten in Noah's house then stabbed in the head by katana after death.
Died of prostate cancer then stabbed in the head by Andrea.
Stabbed themself in the stomach.
Hit by car then shot in head.
Impaled on a shelf then devoured by walkers.
Devoured by walkers in a revolving door.
Throat slit by machete.
Shot in the head by Rick.
Face bitten by a walker in the forest then stabbed in the back of the head.
Devoured by walkers after falling.
Devoured by walkers.
Shot themself then fell into a group of walkers to be devoured.
Bitten then shot to prevent reanimation.
Bitten then died from the infection.
Devoured by walkers after stopping in the middle of a herd.
Devoured by walkers after son got devoured.
Stabbed in the back with katana and devoured by walkers.
Died of blood loss from gunshot.
Bitten by reanimated Donnie then head in by Maggie.
Shot in the head by Carol.
Impaled in the stomach then devoured by walkers.
Shot through the eye with crossbow.
Shot then stabbed before reanimation.
Shot 6 times.
Possible Negan/Lucille death.
Possible Negan/Lucille death.
Possible Negan/Lucille death.
Possible Negan/Lucille death.
Possible Negan/Lucille death.
Possible Negan/Lucille death.
Possible Negan/Lucille death.
Possible Negan/Lucille death.
Possible Negan/Lucille death.
Possible Negan/Lucille death.
Possible Negan/Lucille death.
Is the walking dead awesome?

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