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What does peeta lose in the 74th hunger games ?
How many people are saved from district 12 ?
What is Katniss's nickname during the games ?
Who designs peeta's clothing ?
How many tributes die in the first few minutes of the 74 games ?
what does Peeta's father own ?
When is Katniss's birthday ?
in the 74th games who spares katniss for the kindness she showed to rue ?
Who did Peeta's dad have a crush on ?
where do both peeta and katniss go the night before the hunger games ?
What does Peetas dad give Katniss ?
What sound signifies a death in the hunger games
What is the weapon used to kill glimmer ?
who kills Cato ?
how does mags die in the quarter quell ?
Who buys strawberries of gale and Katniss ?
who cuts peeta in the upper thigh for helping katniss in the games ?
What happens in an interview with caesar on the victory tour ?
What happes to district twelve in the last book ?
What does Caesar Flickerman do ?
Who does Katniss try and kill with the tracker jackers ?
Where does haymitch live ?
Where do gale and katniss share their first kiss ?
what does snow smell off ?
Who gets whipped in the second book ?
What flower gives Katniss hope after Peeta gives her bread?
Why does peeta want to go back into the arena ?
After the quarter quell where is the next place katniss sees her family ?
who band Katniss from singing the hanging tree ?
who's names will go into the reaping bowl for the quarter quell ?
where does peeta hide when he is injured
How many times is gales name in the reaping ?
When rue dies what does katniss spread all over her body ?
who taught katniss to swim ?
Who does Darius try to save resulting in becoming an avow ?
where did gale and katniss see each other for the first time ?
What does a terresae give a family ?
Who picked up a bag that contained a knife, a sleeping bag, an iodine (water purifier) dropper, water bottle, crackers, beef strips and night glasses
Where is the first uprising ?
who does peeta team up with in the 74th hunger games ?
How does peeta stop katniss from getting nightmares ?
Who is the human icon of revolution ?
what is Katniss's moth suffering of ?
What is Prims cat called ?
How does Foxface die ?
What does snow leave for Katniss ?
Who do katniss and peeta want as allies for the quarter quell ?
Who is Claudius Templesmith ?
who does Cinna say he would bet on to win the games ?
Who says this in the book 'Only I keep wishing I could think of a way to... to show the Capitol they don't own me. That I'm more than just a piece in their games.' ?
who becomes rue's partner ?
where do peeta and katniss get to say their final goodbyes to their families ?
Who does Katness end up with ?
At the end of the games what is Cato protected by ?
Who kills rue ?
Who is Lavina ?
Before the hunger games starts what does Katniss say is the only thing that makes her smile ?
what do katniss and peeta share in the cave ?
What does tracker jacker venom cause
What color is effie trinkets hair ?
why does peeta team up with the careers in the 74th hunger games
who gives peeta a bruise after he gives Katniss bread ?
what does Plutarch show katniss at the ball in the capitol ?
who is killed as a result of gales bomb in the capitol ?
what does katniss give peeta so she can go to the dinner part Claudius Templesmith organized ?y
Who designs the outfits katniss wears ?
Who is an alcoholic
who decorates finnicks and annies wedding cake
What part of the body gets removed when a person becomes an avox ?
Who does Rue remind katniss of ?
Who is Suzanne Collins ?
what is the symbol of rebellion
where did Katniss and gale used to sell their food ?
Who is the president of panen
Who begins working in the mines in the second book ?
In district 11 what do the crowd do to show their love for both katniss and peeta
how does katniss save both herself and peeta at the end of the first games ?
who is the eighty year old tribute
What score does katniss get in the first hunger games ?
What tribute is the best at camouflage
How many districts are there ?
Who hates the cat and wanted to kill it ?

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