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All the feelings that I get but i still don't miss you yet
I thought you'd never come this far, I thought your words meant something more
I can't escape this hell, so many times i've tried
your name, your face, is all you have left now
at night, i feel like a vampire
all my dreams are not worth saving, i've done my share of waiting, and i've still got nowhere else to go
don't put your life in someone's hands they're bound to steal it away
Do you think that there's no one like you
i could be mean, i could be angry
i'll never sleep here anymore. i wish you never told me, i wish i never knew.
so here i go again, chasing you down again, why do i do this?
now and again we try to just stay alive
nobody knows him, but today he won't go unnoticed
First time you screamed at me i should have made you leave
this cant be happening to me, she didn't say a word, just walked away
you're not the only one refusing to go down
its so easy to find someone who looks down on you

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