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Answer the questions based on the Chemisty IGCSE syllabus for Edexcel

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What colour is a sodium flame?
What colour precipitate does a chlorine ion give?
What is the name of the precipitate that chlorine gives off?
Give a use of refinery gases
Give a use of gasoline
Give a use of naphtha
Give a use of kerosene (paraffin)
Give a use for diesel
Give a use for fuel oil
Give a use for bitumen
Give a use of sulfuric acid
Define electrolysis
Define an electorode
Define an electroylte
Define a non electorylte
Anode: positive electrode or negative?
Cathode: positive electrode or negative?
What colour percipitate does an iodine ion give?
What colour percipitate does a bromide ion give?
What are the conditions for the haber process? (Temperature, pressure, catalyst)
What are the conditions for the contact process? (Temperature, pressure, catalyst)
Question Answer
What two elements are needed to make ammonia?
Give a use for ammonia
What is Slag?
Rate of reaction=?
Give an example of a soluble salt
What are the seven diatomic elements?
What is distillation used for?
What are the two types of distillation?
Define a catalyst
Define a Base
State a use of poly(chloroethene)
What makes a substance acidic
Give a use of sodium hydroxide
Define anhydrous
What five factors affect the rate of a reaction?
How do you test for chlorine?
Define an electron
Give the formula for all alkanes
Give the formula for all alkenes
What is the contact process used to manufacture?

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