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What is the name of Mr. G's dog?
How did she supposedly die?
What is the name of Ja'mie's private school?
What does Ja'mie threaten to do to her mum's dolls cupboard?
Who was the inspiration for Mr. G's musical?
And how did she die?
What is Jonah's catchphrase?
And what is his self-proclaimed talent?
What is the name of Ja'mie's boyfriend?
And what year is he in school?
What do Ja'mie and her posse do in an attempt to have a school formal?
Where is Jonah from?
What is Mr. G's real name?
Who's does Mr. G imply is cooking his dinner?
What subject does Mr. G's romantic interest teach?
What is the name of the sole female in Jonah's indigenous group of pals?
Who are the four Year 11 girls?
Who does Ja'mie repeatedly refer to as 'fugly?'
What is Jonah's infamous graffiti tag?
Where does Jonah have his special remedial classes?
Finish this quote: 'Thank God you're here! Grandma's...'
What does Ja'mie feign in order to go to the formal with Tasmin?
What does Ja'mie accuse Bec of being?
Why did they have to remove the bushes?
Why doesn't Jonah's friend want to dance with his partner?
Who does Ja'mie claim is 'public-school educated?'
What position does Mr. G claim for himself?
What kind of brain does Mr. G's dog have?
What derogatory name does Jonah have for redheads?
Fill in the blank: '____ are so random. They're just fabric!'

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