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Can you name the facts of Pittsford??

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Where can you go to get the best pizza?If you said Great Northern that is false. Be ashamed
Bottomless chips!
Phrase over the PA that makes you want to punch a babyOh Liz Konar, in your Ugg boots..
Name the speaker: 'Moooorning kids!'
What was the name of above person's guard dogTiny, fluffy, white dog. That got stepped on more than once.
Name the speaker: 'Basketball, basketball, underage girls, basketball- I mean history''Speak up sweetie'
Pittsford's pride and joyWhere you bring people from out of town, the only thing you miss at college
New restaurant in the plaza; trying to make Pittsford coolArtsy waterfall and hip green lighting, where do you think you are?
Location of on campus APES field trips and underage drinking/smoking
Oldest human being on the planetWith the bling gold cross of course
'Authority figure.' Aka large man in small sports car
Most important event you smuggled a water bottle full of vodka in forgood times..
Cross-dressing event
Most strictly regulated activity on campusNope, not alcohol, not drugs

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