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Can you name the Harry Potter characters killed by Voldemort (or Tom Riddle)?

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Murder first mentioned in book:victimnotes
1'left to die' by Voldemort
2killed indirectly by Tom Riddle; used to make diary horcrux
4used to make ring horcrux
4killed out of anger/revenge
4killed out of anger/revenge
6poisoned by Tom Riddle; probably used to make cup horcrux
(JKR interview)used to make locket horcrux
(JKR interview)used to make diadem horcrux
1killed for opposing Voldemort
1killed for opposing Voldemort
4used to make Nagini a horcrux
4killed for eavesdropping (or for fun)
Murder first mentioned in book:victimnotes
5killed for opposing Voldemort
6killed for opposing Voldemort (presumed by the Order and the Ministry to have been killed by Voldemort himself)
7killed for opposing Voldemort (ideologically)
7killed in battle
7caught in a trap left by Voldemort
7killed to serve as a trap
7killed for information
7killed for information
7caused victim to kill him/herself
7killed after Voldemort discovers the cup has been stolen
7killed by Nagini on Voldemort's orders
7killed inadvertantly

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