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hooked-nosed teacher 
----- longbottom
keeps losing his toad 
--- weasley
harry's bbf 
----- weasley
loves harry 
---- potter
harry's mother 
----- potter
harry's dad 
sirius -----
----- lupin
------- umbridge
toad-faced M.O.M worker 
----------- lovegood
luna's dad 
------- mcgonagall
strict professor 
------ slughorn
becomes slytherin head of house 
---- weasley
weasley that dies 
------ weasley
marries Angelina Johnson 
katie ----
quidditch player 
----- polkiss
in big D's gang 
-------- figg
hermione ---- granger
the girl that rocks harry potter 
---------- lestrange
tortures nevilles parents, kills innocent sirius 
----- malfoy
----- bones
her aunt works at the ministry 
----- delacour
go to work in gringotts to improve her eenglish 
------ weasley
the weasley's annoying aunt 
------- doge
close to dumbledore 
--------- dumbledore
manger of hogs head inn, bro of albus  
-------- bagshot
history of magic author 
cho -----
ravenclaw seeker 
lee ------
broadcaster of potterwatch 
madam --------
owner of the three broomsticks pub 
kingsley -----------
becomes minister of magic  

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