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Can you name the words below that rhyme with the F-Word?

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A mallard is one species of this1
Speechless with wonder2
What a chicken does1
What you could do with a shirttail or when you put a child to bed1
A soft boot traditionally made of reindeer or sealskin worn by Arctic aboriginals2
To move or act stealthily - past tense1
A male deer OR Slang for a dollar1
Slang for a Canadian2
Yiddish word for a dumb person or a jerk 1
A dinner where everyone brings something to share2
To toss or throw OR a cut of beef1
AC/DC song title3
Expensive coffee hangout from Seattle2
Wedged in tightly OR jammed1
What you'd like when you roll the dice1 or 2
What you might do with eyebrows or a guitar string1
A gigantic clam of the Pacific Coast of North America3
What you might say if something's disgusting1
Nickname for a Mark Twain protagonist1
Slang for vomit2
To draw liquid into the mouth1
A U-Haul is one example1
Contested object in a hockey game1
Dirt or filth OR to clean a horse's stall1
What you could do with an ear of corn1
To lose control and behave violently2

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