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Anna travels to Siam to teach the children of the king.The King and I
No one is watching Kevin except a pair of robbers.Home Alone
Rooster is hired by a girl who wants him to help her find the man who killed her father.True Grit
A magical nanny comes to control 7 misbehaving children.Nanny McPhee
Merlin and his companion, Archimedes, become unconventional teachers to a young boy.The Sword in the Stone
A cyborg is sent back in time to protect a future leader from being assassinated as a teenager.Terminator 2
Polly Harrington takes in her overly cheerful orphaned niece.Pollyanna
Joanna is tricked into being a mother to 4 boys while she has amnesia.Overboard
Brand is supposed to keep his younger brother out of trouble, but he runs into some problems when his brother's friends decide to go on an adventure.The Goonies
Jack is 'purchased' as an amusement for a wealthy businessman's son.The Toy
Molly's manager steals all of her money, and she is forced to grow up and get a job as a nanny for a girl who doesn't know how to be a kid.Uptown Girls
Melanie and Jack take turns watching each other's children when both kids miss a school field trip.One Fine Day
Kate is a busy chef who becomes guardian of her late sister's daugher.No Reservations
Charles (and his friends) take in children who have had to leave home because they are different.X-Men
Susan takes in her nephew while his father is out of town, but it's her own son she should really worry about.The Good Son
Person Movie % Correct
Jason (while driving his Winnebago) helps two mysterious siblings get away from a nefarious millionaire.Escape to Witch Mountain
An African-American housekeeper is hired to care for a girl who has stopped speaking after her mother's death.Corrina, Corrina
Grace announces to the grandparents of a child she babysits that she wants to lose her virginity to her boyfriend.Valentine's Day
Janine and Louis are babysitting until the baby is kidnapped out the window of a NYC high-rise.Ghostbusters II
Debbie is hired as a nanny for a family's new baby, but instead she decides to marry the uncle and murder him for his money.Addams Family Values
J.C. thinks her cousin left her a large inheritance, but instead, she gets Elizabeth.Baby Boom
Becky Sharp works as a governess as she begins her life of social climbing.Vanity Fair
Bad Blake loses track of his girlfriend's son when he stops for a drink in a bar.Crazy Heart
Starr and Claire (at different times) are foster parents to the daughter of a woman in prison.White Oleander
Sean is a pro wrestler who is hired as a bodyguard for the children of an inventor.Mr. Nanny
Eric, after he is murdered, convinces a girl's mother to stop taking drugs.The Crow
Erin and Terrence take in 2 orphaned siblings, but they have an ulterior motive.The Glass House
Priests hide a Jewish boy at a Catholic boarding school in Nazi-occupied France.Au revoir les enfants
Amy, an American in London, quits her job as a waitress and becomes a nanny for a widower.Jack and Sarah
Michael adopts the daughter of a drug addict who died in the snow outside his house.A Simple Twist of Fate
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