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Can you name the non-music or dance movies where characters break into song and/or dance?

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Performer and YearMovieSong or Dance
Joseph Gordon-Levitt (2009)
James Marsden (2008)
Tobey Maguire (2007)
Steve Carell (2005)
Jennifer Garner (2004)
Hugh Grant (2003)
Matthew McConaughey (2003)
Reese Witherspoon (2001)
Tom Jones/ Theme Song Guy (2000)
Heath Ledger (1999)
Mira Sorvino (1997)
Rupert Everett (1997)
Ewan McGregor (1997)
Keanu Reeves (1995)
Janeane Garofalo (1994)
Performer and YearMovieSong or Dance
Jim Carrey (1994)
Bitty Schram (1992)
Amber Scott (1991)
Rick Moranis (1990)
John Travolta (1990)
An alien in McDonalds (1988)
Catherine O'Hara (1988)
Ted Danson (1987)
Tom Cruise (1986)
Jon Cryer (1986)
Molly Ringwald (1985)
Michael J. Fox (1985)
Tom Cruise (1983)
Audrey Hepburn (1961)

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