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Can you name the movies with these child caretakers?

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Hawkins poses as Giacomo so that the true king, the baby with the birthmark, can be restored to the throne.1956
Mary and the children who live with her must find their stolen sheep or she'll have to marry evil Mr. Barnaby.1961
An unusual nanny flies to a house in response to a note written by the children.1964
Maria leaves her convent to become the governess for a military family.1965
Laurie becomes the object of a serial killer's obsession while she is babysitting.1978/
Jill is terrorized by telephone while babysitting.1979/
Miss Hannigan really doesn't like 'Little Girls' and therefore probably shouldn't run an orphanage.1982
Boots & Alvie accidentally kidnap a runaway 7-year-old girl and pay more attention to her than her parents do.1982
Sarah doesn't want to be babysitting her half-brother, so she accidentally wishes him away.1986
Chris is watching the Anderson kids when her friend needs to be rescued from downtown Chicago.1987
Peter & Michael have to take care of Jack's (surprise!) daughter while he is out of town.1987
A Nelwyn must protect a Daikini baby from an evil queen.1988
Kat falls for the father of the girl she is babysitting while working several jobs to pay for Yale.1988
An unreliable relative is a family's last resort to babysit while the parents are out of town.1989
James volunteers to babysit for the woman who went into labor in his taxi.1989
Sue Ellen gets a job to support her siblings so their mother won't find out the truth & will stay away for the summer.1991
Peyton becomes a nanny to get revenge on the family she blames for her miscarriage & her husband's suicide.1992
Dr. Grant doesn't like children, but he needs to get 2 kids safely back to their grandfather.1993
Daniel was denied custody of his children, so he disguises himself as a nanny.1993
A hitman is chosen by a young girl to be her guardian after her family is killed.1994
Seven girls decide to spend the summer together by running a day camp.1995
Chad is a 'child technician' who really likes jazz.1996
George, the biker next-door neighbor, offers to watch the kids for a working single mother.2000
Will accidentally becomes a surrogate father to a bullied boy with a suicidal mother.2002
Kari leaves continuous voicemails for the unreachable parents of the mysterious baby she is watching.2004
Two sisters are surprised to learn the one who isn't motherly was chosen as guardian for their deceased sister's 3 children.2004
Shane is a Navy SEAL who is assigned to protect the children of a government scientist.2005
Ana sings a lullaby to her baby & then goes to work where she sings the same lullaby to the child of her employer.2006
Annie is a recent college graduate who treats her new childcare job like an anthropology study.2007
Phil, Stu, and Alan have a lot of problems, one of which is a baby in the closet.2009

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