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QUIZ: Can you name the Poetry, Technical devices?

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Six metrical feet
Five metrical feet
A lyric poem of 14 lines?
3 line Stanza
In metrical feet what is //
Four metrical feet
Seven metrical feet
6 line Stanza
Poetry in irregular line lengths, usually unrhymed?
Repeition of identical CONSONANT sounds and differing vowel sounds in proximity
Short narrative poem, often sung/recited?
Repetition of words of proximity with identical VOWEL sounds, preceded and followed by different consonant sounds
In metrical feet what is /x
2 line Stanza
One metrical foot
In metrical feet what is xx/
9 line Stanza
Long poem on serious topic?
In metrical feet what is /xx
In metrical feet what is xx
4 line Stanza
8 line Stanza
In metrical feet what is x/
Three metrical feet
A short, often song like poem that emphasizes speakers emotion?
Unrhymed iambic pentameter?
Two metrical feet
A parody of an epic, impersonates topic is worth of that form?
Eight metrical feet
5 line Stanza

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