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Rose: My mother always used to say: 'The older you get, the better you get, unless ______ __ ______.
Dorothy: Rose, I know this is a long shot, but did you take much acid _____ ___ _____?
Blanche: Honey, I know I told you where babies come from, but did I ever mention _____ ____ ___ ____?
Dorothy: Take a lesson Rose. That's how you ___ ___ ____
Dorothy: You'll have to excuse my mother. She suffered a slight stroke a few years ago which rendered ___ _____ _______.
Blanche: He is so sophisticated and charming and rich and handsome. He fairly screams Blanche. At least, he will when i'm ______ ____ ____.
Sophia: It's too tight, it's too short and shows too much cleavage for a ______ ____ ____.
Sophia: She was fighting an oil rig fire in the Gulf of Mexico...___ ___ ____
Dorothy: Well Blanche is certainly taking her sister's novel better than I would. I would kill my sister Gloria if she ever wrote ____ ___ ___ ___.
Sophia: You'd kill your sister ____ __ ______.
Rose: This place makes me want to run out ____ __ _____.
Rose: I thought you wore too much makeup and were a ****. I was wrong. You don't _____ ____ ____ _______
Dorothy: Good night, Rose. Go to sleep, honey. _____ ___ ______.
Dorothy: I think I see now how it happened - last evening, at dinner, when Miss McGlen saw Blanche give Kendall Nesbitt her key, she was furious. She dropped a _____ _____ _____ __
Sophia: Big deal, I took a _____ ____ ______
Dorothy: _____ ____,__!
Rose: Back in that town whose name you're _____ ___ ______.
Sophia: Dorothy, there are a lot of things I wanna try before I die, but that's ____ ____ ___ _____.
Blanche: I don't really mind Clayton being homosexual, I just don't like ___ _____ ____.
Sophia: If this sauce were a person, I'd get naked and _____ ___ __ ___.
Dorothy: Last Halloween half the kids in the neighborhood wore _____ _____ ______.
Rose: I hate watching those FBI warnings at the beginning ____ ____ ________
Blanche: If this isn't it I'd like to know what other electrical appliance you're using ____ ___ _____.
Rose: The rain let up, but it's still pretty windy!! I'm gonna go out on the lawn and see if I ____ ____ ______
Sophia: The man's as gay as a _____ ______.
Sophia: Oh, you heard that? I thought I was safe backed up against ____ _____ _____.
Blanche: Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to take a long hot steamy bath with only enough water to ______ ____ _____ ______
Sophia: You're only gonna sit in an ____ ___ _____?
Sophia: Please, I had to turn you away from the window so you wouldn't ______ _____ _______.
Dorothy: You'll always be my sisters...________.

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