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Can you name the line from full house?

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Forced Order
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This is Danny Tanner reminding you that ____ __ ____ ____! (Danny)
Hey, if you're going to steal my jokes, at least say them right, __ _____ ____ (Joey)
You threw pieces of bread at the kid, Stephanie He's __ ___ ___ ____ (Jesse)
Living with Michelle is a ________ ___ ________ _____ (Stephanie)
So, the trick to staying calm is to keep your ____ ___ ___ ____? (Kimmy)
Look, lady! Nobody ___ ____ ____ _____! (DJ)
Pete?He's a legend. Girls throw themselves at him. They say he's never _____ ____ _____ ___ (Kimmy)
Kimmy, you're so dumb you don't even know how ____ ___ ___ (Stephanie)
Darling, I just hope you are alright. But if you are alright, __ ___ ___. (Becky)
Well, if I have the brain of a paramecium, you have the brain of ___ ___ _____. (Stephanie)
She was choking on a bad piece of cheese, so I gave her the Hoover Maneuver and ______ ___ ___ __ ____ (Joey)
Hey, if you can't have fun with your little sister, then what's the point __ ____ ___? (DJ)

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