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Who is the one of the pirate lords?
Who is the protagonist?Drinks rum
Name 3 weapons the protagonist uses.
What does Elizabeth Swann take from Will Turner when she was younger?The pirates want it back later on.
The monkey's name.
Who is the keeper of the 'Pirate Code'?
What is Bootstrap Bill's real name?'Part of the crew part of the ship'
What does Jack find in 'Dead Man's Chest'?
Who is captain of the Flying Dutchman?He dies.
Jack has something that only points north. What is it?
Where did Jack go to when he died?
Why did Jack start rocking the boat when he figured out 'Up is down'?To get out of the Locker and go home
Who is Blackbeard to Angelica?Family
What song is young Elizabeth Swann singing at the beginning of the movie when she meets Will Turner afterwards?
What does Mr. Gibbbs claim is bad luck?Women and pirates
How does Elizabeth first encounter Jack Sparrow?girl is drowning
Why does Will practice sword-fighting for three hours a day?ending of sentence is 'it'
Will accuses Jack of cheating in their sword fight. How does Jack reply?
How does Elizabeth avoid injury at the hands of Pintel and Ragetti?parley
What does Barbossa say immediately after Jack shoots him?Ten years. Pistol. You waste your shot?

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