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This territory in the Atlantic officially became part of Denmark in 1953
Cork and Limerick are both cities in this country
This American fault line caused a massive earthquake in 1906 killing over 3,000 people
This African country has a coast on the Red Sea and lies directly north of Ethiopia
This American State is known for Lake Champlain and is located in the New England region
Located in Venezuela, this is the world's highest waterfall
The fifth largest in Australia, this city is the capital of the state of South Australia
This city is the Capital of Finland
This African river has its source in Zambia and empties into the Indian ocean through Mozambique
Myanmar's colloquial name is this
This underlies the Arctic ice at the North Pole
This country juts out into the Arabian Sea and borders Saudi Arabia, Yemen and the UAE
This is the largest of the 3 active volcanoes in Italy
This country contains Aconcagua, the highest peak outside Asia
This African countries flag is a mirror image of the Irish flag (translated English name)
This is the 4th (alphabetically) great lake of North America
This country's flag has on it the Union Jack in the top left corner, and 4 red stars on a blue background
This European country hosted the 1994 Winter Olympics
The largest country in the world
The Capital city of Senegal
When rearranged, the first letters of all the above answers spell out the 3-word name of this European Country

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