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Located in the northern hemisphere, this body of water is the smallest and shallowest of the world's 5 major oceanic divisions
Aside from its coast on the Atlantic, this country is completely surrounded by Senegal
Mount Everest can be found in this country
The Grand Canyon is predominantly within this U.S. State
This continent is the only one whose name doesn't have an 'A' in it
This European countrys flag has a top half of blue and a bottom half of yellow
This major River flows eastwards across northern Italy, draining into the Adriatic Sea near Venice
Listed as a UNESCO world heritage site, this Australian 'mountain' has an elevation of 863m
Kenya's Capital city
This Asian country forms the join of Africa to Asia with Egypt
The largest city in New Zealand
The country other than Costa Rica which uses the currency Colon
This U.S. State contains the rangelands of Rocky Mountain West and the prairie region known as the High Plains
Asuncion is the Capital city of this country
When rearranged, the first letters of all the above answers spell out a 3-word country name

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