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'People I respect, heroes of mine, would be Bob Hope, um, Abraham Lincoln, definitely _____, and probably God would be the fourth one.' - MichaelSeason 1- Pilot
'__________ _________ once said that if you are a racist, I will attack you with the north. And those are the principles that I carry with me in the workplace.' - MichaelSeason 1- Diversity Day
'Through concentration, I can raise and lower my __________ at will.' - DwightSeason 1- Health Care
'So what do you guys hear? What's the ____________?' - DwightSeason 1- The Alliance
'This is our warehouse, or as I like to call it: '____ __________'. But don't you call it that, I've earned the right.' - MichaelSeason 1- Basketball
'This is the prettiest one of all. I'm gonna be the __________ _____ in the ball! '- Jim (Mocking Dwight)Season 1- Hot Girl
'No, no 'cause the ice melts and then it's like __________ ________! '- PamSeason 2- The Dundies
'What has two thumbs and hates _____ ________? This guy!'- JimSeason 2- Sexual Harrassment
'I call it ____-_____. I count how many times Jim gets up from his desk and goes to reception to talk to you.' - AngelaSeason 2- Office Olympics
'_____ started the fire!' - DwightSeason 2- The Fire
'Yea, I went hunting once. Shot the _____ in the leg, had to kill it with a shovel, took about an hour. Why do you ask?'- Michael Season 2- Halloween
'Would I rather be feared or loved? Um, easy. _____. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me.'- MichaelSeason 2- The Fight
'I almost had an __________ __________ coming out of my nose! ' - Christian (the client)Season 2- The Client
'I actually look forward to performance reviews. I did the youth ________ ________ circuit, and I enjoyed that quite a bit. I really enjoy being judged. I believe I hold up very weSeason 2- Performance Review
QuoteMissing Word(s)Episode
'I gotta erase a lot of stuff...__ ____... of stuff. 'Season 2- Email Surveillance
'Yankee Swap is like ____________ meets... Christmas.' - DwightSeason 2- Christmas Party
'Michael stands on the front of the boat and says that he's ____ __ ___ _____ within the first hour, or I give you my next paycheck.'Season 2- Booze Cruise
'I ground up four extra strength _______ and put them in Michael's pudding. I do the same thing with my dog to get him to take his heartworm medicine.'- RyanSeason 2- The Injury
'Guess what I found out about Oscar tonight? He was lying about being ____!' - Dwight Season 2- The Secret
'Somebody making _____?' - CreedSeason 2- The Carpet
'What about '________ _____'? Like, if Michael said he got to (answer repeated) with you, does that mean you, like, closed a deal? 'Season 2- Boys and Girls
'Heart of New York City... _____ ______... named for the good times you have when you're in it.'- MichaelSeason 2- Valentine's Day
'I always set it at __... heeh. '- KevinSeason 2- Dwight's Speech
'Boy, have you _____ _____ _____, 'cause I'll help you find it. Whatcha looking for, ain't nobody gonna help you out there. Jesus could come through that door and he's not gonna heSeason 2- Take Your Daughter to Work Day
'I never really thought about death until ________ ______ died. That was the saddest funeral ever. That and my sister's. ' - KellySeason 2- Michael's Birthday
''Cause I was _____ _______! Smokin' doobies! Doobie brothers, I was smokin' doobies with my brothers! ' - MichaelSeason 2- Drug Testing
'This morning I found a ________ ______ in my desk drawer, and Jim Halpert tried to convince me I committed murder. ' - DwightSeason 2- Conflict Resolution
'We are giving money that has been gambled. Why don't we just deal drugs, or ___________ ourselves and donate that money to charity?' -AngelaSeason 2- Casino Night

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