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Who was the German leader during World War II?
Who was the Maid of Orleans?
The fall of which Empire is considered to herald the beginning of the Middle Ages?
In what year did the nuclear accident happen in Chernobyl?
What did Anne Frank name her diary?
When, in 1941, General Douglas MacArthur said 'I shall return,' to which country was he referring?
In what year did Japan bomb Pearl Harbour ?
Who was the first woman prime minister of Great Britain?
What treaty ended the opium wars?
What was the family name of the British royal house which began with George I and ended with Victoria?
Which battle saw the defeat of Napoleon Bonaparte in 1815?
Pericles was once a ruler of which ancient country?
The Church of England was formed during the reign of which king?
Who led Britain through the World War II?
What was the bombing of London called during World War II?
Which American president was assassinated in Dallas, Texas?
How many wives did Henry VIII have?
Who became president after Abraham Lincoln was assassinated?
Who said “Vini, vidi, vici”?
Which tribe walked the 'Trail of Tears' in 1838-1839?

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