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Define oxidation
define reduction
define electrolyte
define electrolysis
define electrodes
how do you know if an reaction is a REDOX reaction
give an example of a common redox reaction
in organic terms, define oxidation
in organic terms, define reduction
OIL RIG stands for?
the oxidation for any uncombined element is?
group 1 elements have an oxidation of ?
group 2 elements have an oxidation of?
flourine is always?
hydrogen is always?
oxygen is always?
the sum of oxidation numbers in a compound is?
P2O5 oxidation number of P?
what is the formula of sodium chlorate(I)
what is the systematic name of Mn2O7?
at the cathode _________ always occurs
at the anode _________ always occurs
x (2+) + 2e- -> x
why do electrodes have to replaced periodically
what is brine
ions present in brine

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