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Can you name the terms used in the sport of 10-pin bowling?

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A game of bowling is divided into ten of these scoring segments.
Knocking down all ten pins with a combination of the two deliveries during one frame.
Knocking down all of the pins with the first ball thrown.
A spare combination in which the head pin is down and the remaining pins have one or more intermediate pins down immediately ahead of or behind them.
Any frame where the bowler fails to make a strike or spare shot.
The actual playing area, which is 42 inches wide and 62 feet, 10 3/4 inches long.
The movement of the bowler during delivery or the part of the lane where the player takes steps before releasing the ball.
The depression on either side of the lane in which the ball falls when it leaves the lane.
A group of lanes, the bowling establishment, or the playing surface.
To knock down one pin of a spare leave while the pin next to or behind it remains standing.
The desirable location for the ball to hit the pins to maximize strike potential.
A ball that breaks to the left for right-handers and to the right for lefties.
Pins awarded to a player or team in an attempt to equalize competition.
A four-pin diamond-shaped leave on the sides or center of lane.
A score of 200 that comes as the result of alternating strike, spare, strike, spare in every frame.
The leaving of a single pin on an apparent perfect strike shot.
Two consecutive strikes in the same game.
Three consecutive strikes in the same game.
Four consecutive strikes in the same game.
The very front pin in the rack; the 1-pin.
A game without any open frames.
A pin hidden behind another pin.
A leave consisting of the 4-6-7-10 pins.
A bowler who deliberately keeps his average low to take advantage of an artificially high handicap.
The pin in the center of all the others; the 5-pin.
A game in which a bowler gets a stike in every frame resulting in a score of 300.
Pins knocked down but remaining on the lane or in the gutter.
The last person to roll in team competition; usually the best bowler.
A thrown ball that crosses in front of the head pin and into the opposite pocket.
A split in which three pins are left on one side of the lane and two on the other side.
A pin that comes rolling across the lane after most or all of the others have fallen.
A release that causes the ball to hook opposite from the norm.
The line drawn across the lane to separate the approach from the start of the lane.
Actual score without a handicap added.
Another name for the 7-10 split.
A wide split in which both pins are on the same line; e.g., the 7-10, 8-10, 7-9, or 4-6.
A type of bowling ball grip where the fingers are far enough from the thumb that they can only be inserted into the ball as deep as the first joint.
A light pocket hit that scatters the pins resulting in a strike. A ball with a lot of action.

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