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Can you name the nonsense words in Lewis Carroll's Jabberwocky from their definitions?

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DefinitionWordSource of Definition
Shining brightly, radiantThe Annotated Alice
A thin shabby-looking bird with its feathers sticking out all round - something like a live mopHumpty Dumpty
A state of mind when the voice is gruffish, the manner roughish, and the temper huffishThe Annotated Alice
Bubbled and warbled; meaningless or incomprehensible speechWords You Don't Know
Possibly fearsome; from the Isle of ManWords You Don't Know
Lithe and slimyHumpty Dumpty
An onomatopoeia derived from fighting with knivesWords You Don't Know
A beast with jaws that bite and claws that catchJabberwocky
A synonym of Hooray! Hooray!Words You Don't Know
Dark, dense, and murkyWords You Don't Know
A beast that is something like a badger, something like a lizard, and something like a corkscrewHumpty Dumpty
A beast with a terrifying scream that lives in perpetual passion and is ages ahaid of the fashionThe Hunting of the Snark
Fabulous and joyousWords You Don't Know
To blow lightly; whistling and snifflingWords You Don't Know
DefinitionWordSource of Definition
The grass-plot round a sun-dial; it goes a long way before it, and a long way behind it, and a long way beyond it on each sideAlice/ Humpty Dumpty
Something between bellowed and whistled, with a kind of sneeze in the middleHumpty Dumpty
A double edged broadsword, sharp and deadlyWords You Don't Know
From homeHumpty Dumpty
A blend of chuckle and snortThe Annotated Alice
Flimsy and miserableHumpty Dumpty
To go round and round like a gyroscopeHumpty Dumpty
Galloping in a triumphant mannerThe Annotated Alice
A beast of fierce disposition that is extremely difficult to catchThrough the Looking Glass
Four o'clock in the afternoon - the time when you begin broiling things for dinner.Humpty Dumpty
Fuming and furiousThe Annotated Alice
Referring to the sound of a stringed instrumentThe Annotated Alice
To make holes like a gimbletHumpty Dumpty
A sort of green pigHumpty Dumpty

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