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Can you remember the songs from Arashi's 2016 album Are You Happy?

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Track numberTrack nameHint
1Supervised by Matsumoto
2Theme song for the television drama Sekai Ichi Muzukashii Koi
4Supervised by Aiba
5Sakurai's Solo
6Used as the background song for the NTT DoCoMo d hits CM
7Aiba's Solo
8Ohno's Solo
9Supervised by Ninomiya
Track numberTrack nameHint
10Ninomiya's Solo
11Theme song for the television drama 99.9~Keiji Senomon Bengoshi~
12Used as the background song for the Recruit Zexy CM
13Matsumoto's Solo
14Supervised by Ohno
15Supervised by Sakurai
16PV featured on the limited edition album
1RE only track

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