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Can you name the Finn Hudson songs based on these hints?

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Disco, hitting all the high notes, 4 couples involved
Duet with Ryder
Teacher of the year
Grilled Cheesus - everyone's wearing white shirts
Gold suspenders and black dresses (2 songs)
Thanksgiving, glee club alumni coming together
4 minute song, nationals
Rocky Horror Show duet with Rachel
The guys apologizing to Beiste (2 songs)
Finchel and Klaine coming to a close :'(
Sheets n' Things duet with Puck
Finn and Blaine duet singing to/about Rachel and Kurt
New Directions celebrate their win in the auditorium and the Troubletones return
First song sung at Burt and Carole's wedding
Finn and Rachel duet in the choir room with microphones; Puck, Brittany and Quinn background vocals
The end of glee club; mostly sung by Will; members looking back on some of the memories made in glee club
The Beatles; the dresses with the white bows on the front
Christmas duet with Puck
Original song
Graduating glee club members singing to the underclassmen
'The Power of Madonna' - Finn and Rachel duet
Dodgeball game (2 songs)
Madonna - used to teach the guys a lesson
New Directions (2 songs) vs. Troubletones mashup
Finn and Rachel duet; Rachel says YES!!!!!!
Finn and Mike dancing together
Will leaves Finn his car keys
Finn and Rachel duet, original sung by Elton John
'Superman of kisses, it came with its own cape. Right Rachel?'
White suit jackets, the guys of glee club
Quinn's parents find out she's pregnant
First mash-up: boys vs. girls (2 songs)
Blue shirts and ties 'The Rhodes Not Taken'
Quinn and Finn both need to learn how to trust each other
Finn kisses Emma... (2 songs)
White shirts, Quinn is pregnant
Zombie makeup
'Evidently we can't sing about faith, but we can sing about losing faith?' -Mercedes
'We are endgame. I know that, and you know that.' Finn and Rachel duet
Finn & Rachel, Kurt & Blaine, Santana & Brittany, Will & Emma
Journey medley - Finn and Rachel duet
Finn's 'hello' glee assignment
You can't go wrong with red and denim
Singing in the shower
Finn is jealous of Rachel's new boyfriend
Singing to a sonogram

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