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Forced Order
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The first city where little mix guested in the dangerous woman tour
The member of little mix who had worn her dress backwards all day without realizing it
The album which has a more pop sound and with the songs being very fun, colourful and personality driven
The two members who were rumored to have fought because of a cropped picture
The album with the longest length in standard edition
The song little mix covered at iHeartRadio in 2017
The award won by little mix from the brit awards 2017
Member of the group who ended up crying while singing The End
Who was featured in the Touch?
The song of little mix having the same title as the fifth harmony song
How many songs are there in Glory Days album including the deluxe edition?
The last city where little mix guested in the dangerous woman tour
The song with the longest running length
The album with the least number of songs
The member of the band who was rumored to be photoshopped in one of their music video
Their song which became UK's fourth number one single
The song of little mix with a few lyrics changed into a less sexual one for their children audience
Members of little mix who didn't brought their boyfriends in the brit awards 2017
The number of times touch was mentioned in the chorus of the song
The member of the band who accidentally spilled hot water on herself

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