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originnameInsertion and Action
lateral surface of humerusolecranon process/extends forearm
Occiput and dorsal midline of neck pulls humerous forward/clavicle
dorsal miline of thoraxrotates scalpula backward// scapular spine
surface of latissimus dorsiolecranon process of ulna/extends forearm
scalpulaolecranon process/extends forearm
sternum #2adducts humerus/ pectoral ridge of humerus
claviclehumerus distal to deltoid tuberosity/pulls humerus forward
dorsal midline of neckpulls scapula dorsally/ acromion process
sternumpulls humerus forward and adducts it/ pectoral ridge and part of humerus distal to it
dorsal fascia of thorax: thoroculmbar fasciapulls humerus backward/ medial surface of humerus
scapular spinedeltoid ridge of humerus/pulls humerus forward and abducts it

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