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CharactersActor / Actress
I was a bank robber on the lam, a 'fixer' for a law firm, and a cheating State Department marshall.
I was a miserable man with OCD, a criminal who convinced guards that I was crazy, and a deranged man with a big smile.
I was a prejudice school boy, a spy for the FBI, and an amnesiac with many abilities and secrets.
I was a witch, a widow with two loves and an unconventional single mother who moves around a lot.
I was a dj, a bank robber, and a warden.
I was a father losing everything, an IRS agent with a fateful secret, and a gay con artist.
I was a famous depressed writer, I had a crazy jealous mother-in-law, and I missed a train one fateful day....or did I???
I married a 'friend', I had to become a Big Brother, and I became friends with the guy who got my sister-in-law pregnant.
CharactersActor / Actress
I was a kidnapped asthmatic, a little girl with a pig, and I was a runaway with a big secret.
I was a sax player with a baby, a young hockey player, and a man who has a one night stand that turns into something more.
My first love was killed when he was runover by a tractor, I liked life better than I thought I would in black and white, and I was a sorority queen who makes it as a lawyer.
My husband died in a plane crash, I fell in love with my best friend who told me that men and women can never be friends, and I did a lot of drugs with my musician boyfriend.
I was a family man who wants to reclaim my wild youth, a immature boyfriend who gets dumped and I fell in love with a crazy girl I met at a wedding.
I made a wish at a carnival, I was a detective who partnered with a dog, and I was an alcoholic baseball caoch.
I was a waitress on the run, I had a son with an incurable illness and I was a nun.

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