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CharactersActor / Actress
My son went missing and was considered murdered, I was a sociopath, and a drug addicted model who died of AIDS.
I was a jailed boxer, a parent who went to great lengths to ensure my son got the heart transplant he needed, and a football coach.
I was an angel, an amnesiac, and a teenage mother in the 50's.
My son was hit and killed by a car, I was the wife of a brilliant mathmatician, and a drug addict who sold my body for my habbit.
I was a single father whose wife committed suicide, an aging thief convinced to do one last heist, and I came back to my mother after being catatonic for many years.
I was an insomniac, the devil and a blind man.
I was an assassin with superhuman killing abilities, wrongly accused of a serious crime, and a faun from a magical land.
I was a teenage con artist, the king of the world and a jewel smuggler.
CharactersActor / Actress
I had a big choice to make, a nun, and a ruthless magazine editor.
I was a skateboarder, a drug dealer and I hiked into the Alaskan wilderness
I was an abused singer, the mother of a murdered rapper and a successful divorcee who goes to Jamaica for a vacation.
I murdered my best friend's mother, had my ex-boyfriend erased and was a depressed housewife with big dreams.
I was a haunted writer, an undercover FBI agent and the greatest lover in the world.
I was a serial killer, murdered by my neighbour and tried to take down Superman.
I was an irish journalist who got into hot water, I had an affair with my student and was shot on vacation in the Moroccan Desert.

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