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Forced Order
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No we are not negotiating my uterus.
The opposite of love isn't hate. It's indifference.
There is not enough novacaine in this office to numb the pain I will inflict on you.
You are pregnant? With a baby??
The dress is riding up as it is. If I walk any faster, it's going to be Happy Valentine's Day for everyone.
've read the constitution and it does not protect ugly people.
I'm a bitch with a capital C.
Shopping for lingerie when you are horny is like shopping for food when you are hungry.
When a man buys a woman expensive jewlery, there are many things he may want in return. For future reference, conversation is not one of them.
The supermoms are always the first to snap. They've done studies.
What says 'kick my ass less'? May or Nerd?
That doesn't give her the right to trash my reputation. Especially considering what a **** she is.
The fifth commandment tells us to honour our parents, no matter how hideous or repellent they may be.
Oh please Tom, you've checked out my butt enough times to know I don't eat pizza
Did I call Edie a ****? That's overstating it. Edie's not a ****, she's just popular with indiscriminant men.

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