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Name the presidents from just three words.

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Three WordsPresident
General, Union, Appomattox
Hawaii, Nobel, Illinois
Fillmore, Louisiana, Cherries
Hiroshima, Doctrine, Missouri
9/11, Twins, Terror
Gorbachev, Actor, Grenada
Fugitive, Buffalo, Anti-Mason
Peanuts, Georgia, Iran
Monica, Impeachment, Gore
First, Martha, General
Massachusetts, Lawyer, Navy
Constitution, Dolly, Fire
'Fraudelency,' Paraguay, Lucy
Died, Ohio, Teapot
Garfield, ABCD, Widower
Crook, Watergate, Checkers
Assassinated, Century, Bryan
Pardon, Football, Betty
Texas, Vietnam, Sixties
Pneumonia, Tippecanoe, Tyler
Son, Calhoun, Louisa
WWI, Versailles, Princeton
Three WordsPresident
'Accidency,' Webster, Sherwood
Quids, Doctrine, Compromise
Highways, General, WWII
Cholera, Tennessee, Mexico
Manly, Conservation, Rushmore
OK, Petticoats, Amistad
Dallas, Jackie, Catholic
Twitter, Ivanka, Baldwin
Gettysburg, Emancipation, Theater
Grandson, Indianapolis, Cleveland
Burr, Monticello, Virginia
Nonconsecutive, Dawes, Mugwumps
Wheelchair, Eleanor, Yalta
Guiteau, Beard, Assassination
Impeachment, Reconstruction, Lincoln
Depression, Progressive, Quaker
Silent, Twenties, Massachusetts
Cirrhosis, Merrimac, Bleeding
Bachelor, Worst*, Secession
Bathtub, Judge, Fat
CIA, Puke, Kuwait
Tears, 1812, Nullification

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