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Can you name the classic TV show when given 3 words related to it?

Quiz Updated Feb 26, 2018

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Fish, Precinct, Detectives
Tattoo, Plane, Rourke
Alien, Egg, Colorado
Space, Enterprise, Tribbles
Banner, Angry, Green
Sketches, Conway, Mama
Arnold, Farm, Gabor
Junk, Elizabeth, Dummy
Hogg, Dixie, Daisy
Alice, Family, Marcia
Spacely, Sprockets, Cartoon
Annette, Ears, Disney
Hatch, Cylons, Tribe
Weezie, Biracial, Apartment
Cosby, Tennis, Undercover
Flo, Mel, Diner
Danno, Island, Police
Bus, Sewer, Alice
Dinosaurs, Sleestak, Portal
Davy, Band, Beatles?
Music, Dancing, Clark
Bottle, Astronaut, Nelson
Friday, Detectives, L.A.
Willis, Manhattan, Adopted
Kryptonite, Lois, Clark
3 WordsShow
Barbarino, Teacher, Sweathogs
Opie, Mayberry, Sheriff
Falk, Homicide, Raincoat
Chip, Siblings, Widower
Ottoman, Laura, Toupee
Motorcycles, California, Police
Collie, Timmy, Jeff
Laura, Minnesota, Nellie
Serling, Dimension, Anthology
Ranch, Hoss, Ponderosa
Nixon, Psychedelic, Buzzi
Findlay, Liberal, Abortion
Millionaires, Oil, Jethro
Psychologist, Howard, Chicago
Robinsons, Colonists, Robot
Meathead, Bigot, Jeffersons
Threesome, Farrah, Detectives
Skipper, Boat, Stranded
Sarge, Marines, Nabors
Minneapolis, Rhoda, Producer
Band, Bus, Danny
Horse, Wilbur, Architect
Joker, Gotham, Penguin
Twitch, Darren, Magic
Milwaukee, Roommates, Squiggy

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